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A Better Way to be Bubbly.

The Challenge

Transition 2,250 locations from Pepsi to Coca-Cola without a lapse in service. 

The EspriGas Solution

As beverage gas suppliers, EspriGas used a network of the best CO2 suppliers nationwide to manage Panda Express’ transition from Pepsi to Coca-Cola without disrupting their beverage sales. EspriGas not only integrated their provider seamlessly, but provided a more efficient way to manage their gas supply without letting their lines run dry. 

Cost Control

Implemented consistent pricing across all 2,250 locations using our national buying power. 

Safety + Quality

Performed a safety audit to adjust gas lines and provide appropriate storage for tanks. 


Increased visibility into Panda’s gas storage system through GASpr*, EspriGas’ proprietary diagnostic review. This showed changing from 50lbs to 20lbs cylinders made storage and management easier for employees. 

*GASpr is our proprietary diagnostic review that takes a comprehensive look into your gas supply to identify market challenges and provide solutions to the unique pain points you are facing.


Eliminated any lapse in service by utilizing EspriGas’ national network of CO2 suppliers and provided a single point of contact to correct any issues that may arise. 

“The level of service that EspriGas provides is above and beyond what we expect from a partner. Their customer service team responds in a timely manner and have made our transition of cylinder tanks extremely smoothly.”

Kwan Kim, Purchasing Manager at Panda Restaurant Groups 


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