From the keg to the tap, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) propels your delicious draft to its final destination—your customer’s glass. But there are two things to keep in mind when you’re setting up your CO2 tank so you can serve beer that is perfectly balanced. 

CO2 Pressure Settings 

The ideal pressure for CO2 is between 10-15 pounds per square inch (psi) but can vary between temperature and altitude. You may need to adjust your pressure by 1 psi for every 2 degrees temperature or for every 2,000 feet above sea level. Also, different beer styles require different psi levels. Wheat, Belgian and sour beers are poured at higher pressures than ales.

Use your CO2 gauge on the regulator attached to the top of your tank to check your psi levels. This lets you know when you need a new CO2 tank and identify any issues in your beer. Your low-pressure gauge shows the psi level your beer is poured at. The high-pressure gauge shows the amount of compressed air remaining in the tank. Additionally, if you aren’t sure if your system is balanced, check to see how long it takes to fill a glass. A well-balanced system should fill a standard pint glass in 8 seconds and a gallon in one minute. 

The COTank To Keg Ratio

Knowing how many CO2 tanks you need helps you get the most out of your keg. Follow this guide to keep your system properly balanced and perfectly carbonated. 

20-pound cylinder

  • Sixth barrel: 59-83
  • Quarter barrel: 40-56
  • Half barrel: 20-28

50-pound cylinder

  • Sixth barrel: 74-98
  • Quarter barrel: 50-70
  • Half barrel: 25-35
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