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Beverage Gas 101

New to beverage gas? We’ve got you covered.

At EspriGas, we make understanding beverage gas simple, so you can keep your beverages bubbly.

Common Beverage Gases 

Carbon Dioxide (CO2

From processing to preserving, packaging to pouring a glass—CO2 is most commonly known for carbonating beverages and creating dry ice in the beverage industry.

CO2 is available in two forms: cylinders and micro-bulk CO2 liquid cylinders. 


As the most common mode for CO2 delivery, cylinders are great for small quantities or areas where piping isn’t practical. 

Liquid cylinders

As CO2 volumes grow, liquid cylinders offer larger quantities of gas to be stored in a smaller footprint. 

Common sizes

  • Carbon Dioxide 2o lbs
  • Carbon Dioxide 50 lbs
  • Micro-bulk 300 lbs
  • Micro-bulk450 lbs

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Beer Gas – Nitrogen (N2)

In the beverage industry, Nitrogen is used to push beer through the line to the tap.

Common sizes: 

  • Nitrogen 20 lbs
  • Nitrogen 55 lbs
  • Nitrogen 60 lbs
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