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A passion for pets.

How we help Blue Pearl care for more furry friends.

The Challenge

Optimize Blue Pearl’s medical gas management program so they open more locations easily. 

The EspriGas Solution

Before working with EspriGas, Blue Pearl lacked consistency in their gas supply program. Without visibility into their gas spend and usages, they needed a gas supply partner to get them back on track. Through GASpr*, EspriGas’ proprietary diagnostic review, Blue Pearl got a comprehensive look at their medical gas orders and inventory. Now Blue Pearl can standardize product size, cost and optimize inventory levels at each of their locations, helping them care for more pets across the country. 

GASpr is our proprietary diagnostic review that takes a comprehensive look into your medical gas supply to identify market challenges and provide solutions to the unique pain points you are facing.

Cost Control 

Cut costs by completing mode analysis to identify appropriate inventory levels. 

Safety + Quality 

Access to a national supply network in case of emergency orders. 


Went from paying different rates across 71 facilities to consistent pricing for all of their locations. 


Continuous order monitoring to make sure invoices go to the correct facilities and provide a single point of contact for purchasing gas. 


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