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Lowering Medical Gas Costs Without Cutting Quality Care

Fresenius Medical Care, one of the nation’s leading providers for kidney care, came to EspriGas because they needed to take control of their medical gas supply.

The Challenge:

Fresenius Medical Care needed to reduce costs for their medical gas supply and create a consistent pricing structure without impacting the quality of care provided at over 2500 clinics throughout the United States.

The EspriGas Solution:

Looking to consolidate their medical gas suppliers and get control of their annual spend on medical gas, Fresenius needed a gas supplier that could support them from coast to coast. With the use of *GASpr™, EspriGas’ proprietary diagnostic review process, our team was able to uncover areas where Fresenius was spending substantially more on their medical gas supplies, specifically medical oxygen. EspriGas cut costs for Fresenius Medical Center by standardizing pricing and eliminating wasteful rentals which resulted in an overall savings of 38% in the first year alone.

*GASpr™ is our proprietary diagnostic review that takes a comprehensive look into your medical gas supply to identify market challenges, determine data patterns, gauge current gas usage, and provide solutions for the unique pain points your business is facing.

Gas Supply Cost Control

EspriGas standardized pricing for all Fresenius medical clinics and reduced products to 10 critical item numbers that represent 98% of their total medical gas spend.

Safety + Quality

Fresenius went from 400 suppliers to one point of contact utilizing EspriGas’ extensive and experienced network of local, regional, and national gas suppliers.


*GASpr™ identified several areas of wasteful spending related to unnecessary rentals and created a pathway for benchmarking clinics and their gas usage.


EspriGas quickly integrated into Fresenius’s procure to pay system to reduce the burden on accounts payable and keep business operations running smoothly.

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