Guide to Gas Safety & Storage

When it comes to beverage gas safety, it is important to understand the ins and outs of CO2. What kind of equipment are you working with? What are the primary safety concerns, and how can these be addressed? By answering these questions, we gain a more holistic view of how CO2 is managed and how the beverage industry can better prioritize CO2 safety with the proper training and equipment.

In this resource guide, gas safety experts from EspriGas, the technology-driven food and beverage gas company, and CO2Meter, leader in gas detection and safety monitoring, break down beverage gas and storage safety best practices to ensure the safety of your product and operations, keep processes moving forward and ultimately enhance your bottom line.

As an additional resource, EspriGas and CO2Meter developed a downloadable CO2 Gas Safety Checklist and a Troubleshooting Guide to help set up, install, replace, and troubleshoot your CO2 tanks.