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How to Minimize the Effects of Warranty Cylinders

  1. You as the customer reserve the right to refuse any cylinder the vendor attempts to deliver that you do not feel is up to your standards.
  2. Separate storage areas for full and empty cylinders can prevent accidental sale of an empty cylinder from your internal stock.
  3. Ensuring that one of your internal employees obtains the bottle for the customer can also prevent the accidental sale of an empty cylinder.
  4. Gauging the cylinder prior to sale will give you and your customer assurance.

How to determine contents of a cylinder 

Pressure Ratings on HP cylinders – the pressure ratings on the Oxygen and Nitrogen tanks should be between 1,800 and 2,200 psi depending on the cylinder (different manufactures will have different ratings) 

Pressure Ratings on Acetylene cylinders 

The pressure ratings on acetylene cylinders should be between 180 and 250 psi, but may vary depending on several factors. Due to variability, this is not the preferred method of determining contents.

>>Click here to read is a more detailed description of how to determine contents on Acetylene cylinders. 

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