Knowing how to properly store your industrial gas supply is essential for keeping you and your customers safe. And at EspriGas, we believe it should also be simple. That’s why we put together these tips so you can ensure the safe and proper use of your gas cylinders. 

Gas Cylinder Safety & Storage Tips:

  • Store cylinders in a well-ventilated, dry area.
  • Mark the storage area with proper precautionary signs.
  • Indicate the full or empty status on cylinders.
  • Store empty cylinders separate from full cylinders.
  • Store cylinders securely upright to prevent them from tipping.
  • Ensure valves are completely closed.
  • If the cylinder is leaking, isolate it outdoors and away from sparks or heat. Call EspriGas immediately and never try to repair the cylinder yourself.
  • Keep fuel-gas cylinders, such as acetylene, at least 20 feet away from oxygen cylinders. 
  • Place cylinders in an area that will not be subject to mechanical or physical damage, heat, or electrical circuits. 
  • Read, understand, and protect markings on cylinders indicating the contents.
  • Storage codes and regulations vary by region, so be sure to check with your local Fire Marshal for your local regulations.

Commonly Asked Questions About Gas Cylinders Tips

There are a few key tips to keep in mind in storing your gas cylinders. Cylinders must be stored upright, and that empty and full tanks must be stored separately. Remember to store fuel gas cylinders, such as acetylene, at least 20 feet from oxygen cylinders. Codes and regulations do vary by region, so be sure to also check with your local Fire Marshal for your local regulations.

Compressed Gas Cylinders

We recommend buying a conservative number of gas cylinders to get started. Once purchased, cylinders are extremely difficult to sell back to the supplier and offload from your inventory. Your local EspriGas Sales Representative can help you determine what quantities are best for your market.

Staff Training

At EspriGas, we understand that having the assets in place is just the beginning. We have an arsenal of educational materials available to help you communicate the new gas program to your customers as well as others in your organization.

Contact your EspriGas Sales representative if you would like to receive a copy of any of these materials: Industry Education Document

  • EspriGas Exchange Program Outline
  • EspriGas Information Document
  • Warranty Policy
  • Safe Storage Quick Tips

How EspriGas Can Help With Your Industrial Gas Supply Needs

EspriGas has years of experience working within the gas supply industry and prides itself on making the process simple. Our attention to detail combined with our high-quality gas supply services makes us the best choice for your needs.

Man checking gas tank
How We Make Ordering Simple

The EspriGas Way

Fulfilling your industrial gas needs should be simple and easy. Our streamlined ordering process will help you get the right amount of gas, on-time with minimal effort.