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Gas Industry


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Big Ideas & Resources

Discover the latest in market trends, supply forecasting and thought leadership.

  • 2023 Industrial Gas Supply Trends

    From acetylene to propane, learn how industrial gas supply chain trends will evolve in 2023.

  • Medical Gas Impact in 2023

    Whether it's medical or dental practices, long-term care, or veterinary offices, medical gas is essential. Learn more about the impact of 2022.

  • 2022 Beverage Gas Trends Impacting 2023

    In 2022, beverage gas suppliers experienced heavy CO2 shortages. Will it be the same in 2023?

  • How to Protect Your Furry Friends With Medical Grade Oxygen

    When caring for pets, EspriGas knows that cutting corners on medical oxygen gas supply isn’t an option. How do you ensure your oxygen gas is medical grade?

  • Shining a Light on Acetylene Gas

    Acetylene gas is used in the construction industry because it provides the hottest flame of all gases. Understand your gas supply with help from EspriGas.

  • Medical Grade Nitrous Oxide in Dentistry

    Learn recommended nitrous oxide and oxygen ratio and simple guidelines to keep your practice running smoothly.

  • How-To Guide: Selling Gas

    Thinking about starting to sell gas at your location? Read our guide to learn the basics.

  • Properly Store Your Industrial Gas Supply

    Learn how to properly store your industrial gas cylinders with help from EspriGas. Read on for more gas cylinder safety tips.

  • Medical Gas 101

    New to medical gas? We’ve got you covered. At EspriGas, we make understanding medical gas simple, so you can provide the best patient care.

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