When it comes to optimizing your beverage gas supply, there is more to consider than how much bulk C02 or C02 cylinders you use. At EspriGas, we help you understand your gas needs based on three key factors:

Syrup usage 

The amount of syrup you use determines how much C02 you need. In fact, for every gallon of syrup you use, you need .95 gallons of C02. If you’re using more C02 than syrup, you likely have a leak or other problems with your current beverage gas supply. 


The common modes of transportation for C02 are cylinders and bulk. Determining the correct mode for your beverage gas supply helps your beverage service run smoothly. If you operate out of malls, cylinders will keep your beverages flowing. Own a stand-alone restaurant? Bulk C02 may be a more cost effective and convenient option.


Knowing your busy seasons helps pinpoint how much C02 you need. Sell more cold beverages in the summer? You’ll probably need to adjust your C02 supply. Located near college campuses? You may need more C02 in the fall and spring to keep up with demand. 

Increasing visibility into these three factors keeps your customer’s glasses full with zero disruptions. 

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