TMG Gas Inc. was founded in 1995 in Bryan, TX, and was later acquired by Linde. In 2013, Mike Walsh and investment partners took the company private. After reorganizing the business, TMG Gas Inc. changed names to EspriGas (2017) and began to redefine the customer experience for beverage gas supply, and medical grade gas supply, and to better serve our industrial gas customers. EspriGas is a technology-driven industrial gas company that brings a modern approach to the industry. Using a combination of technology and a network business model, EspriGas delivers products locally and supports organizations nationally. Today, EspriGas is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with core operations still residing in Bryan, TX. EspriGas continues to leverage technology while also expanding its nationwide network of gas supply partners to meet its customer’s needs. EspriGas’ primary goal is to make the complex simple. Learn more at

“With a network business model, the customer experience is only as good as the local supply partner. I feel fortunate that we are aligned with the strongest suppliers in the market.”
– Mike Walsh

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