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Benevis benefits from TMG's streamlined onboarding process
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Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Helium and other related equipment




134 sites located throughout the company

About the company

Benevis was founded in 2002 to provide non-clinical support services to dental offices. Their supported practices range from single dentist offices that have been serving their community for decades to large multi-location practices serving thousands of patients.A customizable suite of support services allow them to craft solutions to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients.

Technology + Chemistry = Results

From establishing the smartest and most committed support team, to putting your business processes under the microscope in search of efficiencies, everything we do is aimed at maximizing results through our unique gas supply.

  • Implementing changes over 134 remote locations
  • Difficulties managing multiple contacts with different providers
  • Inconsistent inventory management practices
  • Multiple invoices from different vendors created issues for the accounting team
TMG Solutions
  • Completed onboarding process for all 134 locations within 2 weeks without disruption
  • Provide one source of contact for all locations
  • Established inventory levels based on inventory best practices
  • Used national supply chain network to choose the optimal supplier for each location
  • Provide a single consolidated invoice for all locations

Our company now has a more streamlined process of ordering. Through their online system, we also have better visibility of our consumption and ordering processes. Having one national representative has allowed us a better way of resolving any issues that come up.