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Argon, one of the noble gases, has commercial applications in the construction industry, where it is used in arc welding and also as a filler gas between high-quality double-paned windows.


For large volumes where you can install pipe from the tank to the use point. They may look like simple farm silos, but there is a lot of technology at play to keep this product stored at cryogenic temperature.


Cylinders are the most common form of delivery for gases. For small quantities or for areas where it is not practical to run piping, cylinders are the mode of choice.

Liquid Cylinders

As volumes grow, Liquid cylinders offer the ability to store larger quantities of gas in a smaller footprint.

Micro Bulk

A great option for the large volume client who is not ready to install a large bulk tank system. This removes the high cost of handling high pressure cylinders.

Our A/P Department likes that there is now one statement to process and one vendor to go to with any questions.

Timothy P. Welch
American Refrigeration Supplies