Atlanta, GA. (April 11, 2021)EspriGas announced they have partnered with Avalon Health Care Group (Avalon) to supply medical gas, equipment, and respiratory services at all Avalon facilities. The partnership was established after EspriGas did a thorough review of Avalon’s spend, utilization, and safety standards. This exercise, known as GASpr, is EspriGas’ proprietary diagnostic review process which offers a comprehensive look into how a company procures medical gas. GASpr helps identify opportunities for savings and optimization while also standardizing gas procurement across all facilities.

Avalon is committed to quality and their care legacy is based on personal integrity and a commitment to provide compassionate, responsible, quality services to over 50 communities they serve. Avalon’s commitment to quality made EspriGas the best fit as their medical gas supplier. Leaning on EspriGas’s experience and diverse supply network, Avalon can have the best local gas and equipment supplier at each of their communities while also having centralized control and support through EspriGas’s dedicated account management.

EspriGas has been servicing customers with numerous locations dispersed throughout the country for over 25 years.

“We are proud to be working with the very best suppliers in the country to ensure that every customer location has exceptional service.”

–Mike Walsh, CEO

“EspriGas is thrilled to partner with Avalon. Working with a leader in the long-term care space is exciting and challenging. With this partnership we have expanded services in critical states and added some great suppliers to our network.”

–Beau Hoy, Vice-President of Healthcare

EspriGas is a technology and data-driven medical, beverage, and industrial gas company that brings a modern approach to the gas industry by utilizing a network business model to deliver products nationally. The company leverages its unique service and technology capabilities to handle the complex logistical needs of large, multi-site companies through a national network of gas supply partners. Outside of Avalon, the EspriGas customer base includes other Fortune 1,000 companies across a variety of industries. Through technology integration and quality standard requirements with supply partners, EspriGas provides superior gas service for local and national customer coverage.

Avalon is a diversified, post-acute, healthcare services provider that offers skilled nursing, therapy, senior living, and assisted living in Hawaii, California, Washington, Nevada, and Oregon. The company provides a full continuum of healthcare services for patients and residents who are not sick enough to be in an acute care hospital, but who cannot be properly cared for at home. Avalon is focused on community-based care needs relying on local leadership and employing local healthcare professionals.

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