Atlanta, GA. (September 23, 2021)EspriGas announces that they have expanded their partnership with Panda Express TM (Panda), the largest Asian dining concept in the United States, to include nearly 2,000 locations.

EspriGas began working with Panda in 2019 to supply 300 of their sites. After experiencing a better model to supply CO2 used to carbonate Coca-Cola products from the beverage fountains, Panda expanded the relationship to include many of their restaurants. EspriGas is the exclusive CO2 supplier providing beverage-grade CO2 to Panda Express restaurants in the United States. Both cylinders and bulk CO2 are delivered by EspriGas’s extensive and experienced network of local gas suppliers.

“We are proud to be working with the very best suppliers in the country to ensure that every customer location has exceptional service”

–Mike Walsh, CEO

“We at EspriGas are excited to further our partnership with Panda Express and provide CO2 to all of their locations. Panda Express was very specific in what they were looking for from a CO2 supplier. We are ecstatic to have been able to deliver a solution that truly meets their needs. It is particularly important for us to understand and satisfy our customers so in turn they can serve a fountain drink to their customers without interruptions.”

–Alan Weiner, Vice-President of Sales Foodservice and Beverage

The level of service EspriGas provides is above and beyond what we expect from a partner. We require a high-level of service from our providers that mirrors the intensity of our operations. EspriGas has been a great partner thus far, and we look forward to continuing our partnership.”

–Kwan Kim, Purchasing Manager

EspriGas is a technology and data-driven beverage, medical, and industrial gas company that brings a modern approach to the gas industry by utilizing a network business model to deliver products nationally. The company leverages its unique service and technology capabilities to handle the complex logistical needs of large, multi-site companies through a national network of gas supply partners. EspriGas has been servicing customers with numerous locations dispersed throughout the country for over 25 years.

Outside of Panda Express, the EspriGas customer base includes other Fortune 1,000 companies across a variety of industries. Through technology integration and quality standard requirements with supply partners, EspriGas provides superior gas service for local and national customer coverage.

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