Common Medical Gases

Medical gas is vital for veterinary practices to keep their procedures running smoothly. At EspriGas, we understand the value in making sure you have your gas supply on time, every time. Our network of supply partners gives you access to the best resources in your local market. So if you’re new to gas supply, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some common things you should know when it comes to veterinary medical gas.

Oxygen (O2)
When animals develop illnesses and diseases that limit their oxygen intake, oxygen gas and medical oxygen supplies are used to help stabilize patients.

Common Oxygen Gas Sizes:
The most common sizes for medical oxygen include: Oxygen E, H, and VGL 180.

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Nitrogen (N2)
Medical nitrogen gas is used to drive surgical tools in pet clinics or hospitals when instrument air or air compressors are not available. Nitrogen is also used in cryosurgery to treat tumors or lesions when an animal is constantly biting, licking, or scratching.

Common Nitrogen Gas Sizes:
The most common gas tank sizes for Nitrogen include: Nitrogen H.

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Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
Used in anesthetic machines, nitrous oxide serves as an oxygen and anesthetic source for pets in veterinary clinics. It’s extremely helpful in keeping a pet patient still during exams and procedures.

Common Nitrous Oxide Sizes:
The most common gas tank sizes for Nitrous Oxide include Nitrous Oxide E.

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
In veterinary care, CO2 is used for insufflation: the process of delivering a drug to the lungs. It can also be used with oxygen as a respiratory stimulant and as a cooling agent in the form of dry ice. Today, CO2 laser therapy provides increased precision and results in reduced hemorrhage, swelling, pain, and tissue trauma in soft tissue surgery.

Common CO2 Sizes:
The most common gas tank sizes for Carbon Dioxide include: Carbon Dioxide E.

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Helium (He)
Liquid helium is used in veterinary hospitals to cool Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) machines.

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