How to Determine If Bulk or Cylinders Are Best for You

The medical industry is always evolving, especially in recent years with the pandemic. One of the main factors impacting organizations today is navigating ongoing supply chain challenges, which is driving up costs and forcing key decision-makers to rethink their gas supply processes.

Another big trend for the industry today is hospital consolidation as more and more are announcing mergers. Because of this, medical facilities are growing, which means medical-grade gas supply needs are also growing and changing.

These are just a few examples of how the medical gas supply and demand trends continue to evolve. Whether you’re operating clinics, medical facilities, and long-term care or dental offices and veterinary offices – all are being impacted and having to reconsider how they get their gas supply. As the volume of medical gas being used continues to increase for most businesses, there are practical solutions to consider that may be a good fit to streamline processes.

More companies are opting for bulk tank gas supply versus cylinders to meet their needs. Let’s look at why bulk gas supply may be a better option and how to determine if it is right for your business.

Benefits of Bulk Gas Supply 

Bulk gas can be a more efficient option for healthcare facilities ordering large volumes of medical gas. Since the tanks last longer between refills and require fewer deliveries, you’re able to save time and resources usually spent manually handling, transporting, and maintaining these gas cylinders. This time and money savings mean more focus can be given to supporting patient outcomes and care.

Another benefit is that bulk gas deliveries can occur 24/7 since they are kept outdoors. Because suppliers can deliver gas at any time, day or night, medical organizations can ensure they have a constant supply of gas.  

Are You Ready for Bulk Supply?

If you’re considering switching to bulk gas supply, do your due diligence by assessing your current gas usage volume. If usage is high and there’s a constant need for more, it may be time to shift to a bulk gas system which will improve efficiency and increase cost savings. We recommend that medical facilities consider bulk if they are using 100+ lbs. of gas per month – if this describes you, then you might be a candidate for micro-bulk.  

Finding the Right Gas Supply Partner

If you’re considering switching to bulk gas instead of medical gas cylinders, it’s critical to find a strategic gas supply partner who can support your needs. It’s also critical to find a strategic supplier with an extensive and reliable network of supply partners to help eliminate delays, save money, and deliver the gas you need when you need it. At EspriGas, we service numerous locations so you can rest assured your gas supply will meet your specific requirements.

Bulk Agreements are No Joke 

Before a healthcare facility makes the switch, it’s critical to review and understand bulk agreements because they are not to be taken lightly. The majority typically includes five-year or longer terms with requirements for minimum fills. Make sure you consider the costs and benefits of both bulk and cylinders before making any decisions, noting that it will not be easy to return to cylinders. A bulk tank installation is a huge project. It could take months to over a year to complete depending on your specific needs. There are numerous permits needed and NFPA guidelines must be met.

EspriGas Can Help You Choose the Best Option for Your Medical Gas Supply

Medical organizations are starting to realize the benefits of bulk gas supply over gas cylinders due to industry-wide supply and demand trends. With companies continuing to focus on identifying cost and time-saving opportunities, it’s crucial to carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a switch. Do your research and make sure you choose a reliable partner, like EspriGas, to ensure gas is supplied when you need it.

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